So yeah… it has been a while

So yeah, it has been quite a while; not only since I myself posted but the site was posted to. Thought I’d check out the site after having given someone the url… then found the DB down (again actually). After a bad cable was replaced, I decided to update SW, spruce a few things up (house cleaning), and do some general maintenance. I’m also still busy back-filling the old site contents to this newer site. Needless to say, it takes a while, as there was a lot of content.

Progress is being made, though very slowly.

In other news; I’m attempting to pick up Japanese again (as we have traveled once more to Japan), my career seems to be doing fine, and the sky hasn’t fallen (yet). Cheers to you all!

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Summer Time Celebration!!

We are getting so excited about seeing you all for this fun evening! Of course, I know many of you need more details. I am happy to oblige, and probably go way overboard, as usual…

To start, here are some key points:

*We are throwing a potluck dinner for everyone, and hope everyone can make it. The camping is optional. We can fit plenty of people, but if you don’t feel like camping over night, no worries at all. Feel free to come for the potluck, stay for the evening festivities, and leave when you like! “Check out time” is noon on Sunday, August 11.
*Pot luck details: we will provide some food and table wear. Water is available there. If you know what you want to bring, please mention it on the evite. Main dishes, side dishes, desserts, and drinks would all be great!
*If you stay, you may want to bring some s’mores makings, or other cook-over-a-fire type foods. If you camp, you will need to bring your own breakfast.
*There is no alcohol of any sort allowed, per the campground rules.
*This is an off-leash dog friendly event. The dogs are friendly and well behaved, and high energy. If you or your kids are uncomfortable around dogs, let us know, and we will do our best to accomodate everyone.
*This is a kid friendly event. The kids are friendly and well behaved, and high energy. If you or your dogs are uncofortable around kids, let us know, and we will do our best to accomodate everyone.
*This is a “primitive” campground. There are port-o-potties only (Maiya will have a potty seat, feel free to use it or bring your own), and only one drinking faucet / spigot.
*There are poison oak and ticks, but if you stay out of the bushes, you will be fine. We hike here all the time, and have never had an issue. There are really no other concerns here; wild animals are mild, few, and far between. In Maiya’s entire life of hiking here very, very frequently, the most exciting thing she has seen is a turkey. Though we might get a bald eagle sighting, if we are very, very lucky.
*If the weather cooperates, we will get to have a roaring bon fire in the shelter. However, it has been a very dry year, so we are unlikely to be able to have one. However, we will still be able to grill, so s’mores are still very likely to happen!
*Feel free to bring any activities that you, your kids, or your dogs may enjoy. Along with the shelter and picnic area, there is a very large grassy area at our disposal. Some suggestions: board games (card game SHOULD be fine, but there may be wind), volleyball net, tee-ball, hula hoops, fetch toys. We will of course bring a few things, too!
*This is not an exclusive event. Everyone is invited! If you have any friends or family that you think may enjoy a beautiful summer evening outdoors, please invite them along.

Now, for the long winded details. Continue reading

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Someone is going to be THREE!!!

Yes indeed… That time of year is on the way!! In less than 2 weeks now, my sweet once-infant is going to be a 3 year old… Already, at 2 3/4, I am feeling like she is NOT a toddler any more, but a little kid. 3 is going to feel so grown up already!! I can’t believe it…

As usual, I want to start listing gift ideas now, as I think of them. This way I don’t forget some details! Hopefully this can help others with gift ideas, but if nothing else, at least it will help me!

Click “read more” below to get some gift ideas.

My happy little kid in her element- out on the trails with her babies! (Alaska and Ally, for the record…)

I’m going to be three!! She LOVES role reversal now, and tells me how to argue with her, so she can correct me…

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JanetAndBrian.Info acquires!

Some time ago when looking for our domain that we have today, I wanted to purchase, but it was already taken and the site domain owner, despite doing nothing with the domain, didn’t want to release or sell it. Well it seems they let it expire, so my GoDaddy backorder went through and we’ve now acquired the .com for our .info domain. Don’t worry though, we’re not changing the site, we’re just pointing the .com domain to this domain so people who mistakenly type the .com address will still land here.

Carry on!

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Dose of nostalgia?

So I’ve finally gotten around to inserting the old archived site into the new site here. Let me tell you, it isn’t an easy feat.

I was originally going to just write an sql merge utility to snatch what I wanted, and do direct SQL injection. This apparently isn’t kosher with WP. So alas, I’m using the GUI to push in the content, and SQL direct edits to correct the date and the author. Talk about a PITA! Anyway, I’ve gotten through the following tonight:

June 2008
July 2008
August 2008

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Christmas is Coming!

I’ll be honest with you… I turned our Christmas lights on on Halloween night! Maiya loves them, I intend to enjoy them as much as possible.

But, that got me thinking about Christmas and gift ideas! So I am making a post here with a list, mostly so I don’t forget what I want to get her and us.

If any one has noticed that I’m not posting any more, I’ll give you a quick explanation. I mostly do this as a sort of journal for me, so I can look back and get all nostalgic. But, every time this website is redone (which I feel like is every year…), my old posts vanish. I’m not going to spend a bunch of time making posts that I can’t go back and reread! So it’s pretty much turned in to the gift idea website. I’ll probably use it next for her second birthday!

Click read more below to see what I have in mind for Christmas!

And since no post is complete without at least one picture of my sweet girl, here she is! This is her all spruced up for the first wedding she’s ever been to. She LOVED it, she’s a little dancer for sure.

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Too tiny!!

My wee little itty bitty girl is still way too tiny… But alas, she is currently, for the first time in her 2 years, 3 1/2 months of life, FORWARD FACING IN HER CARSEAT!!!

I don’t intend to keep her this way for long, but at the moment, we have guests. Maharu and her 7 year old daughter, Sachiho, from Japan. They’re here on a cultural exchange, so I didn’t know them. Well, ends up, Sachiho is WAAAAY too small to not be in at least a booster! I don’t happen to have a booster, though. All I have is carseats. So, I had to find a way to make what I have work, and the ONLY way to do that was to turn Maiya forward facing. I can’t believe it!! My wee little one is too tiny for that, right???

It will only be for while they’re here, and then we’ll turn her back, but for now, she can pretend to be a big girl, like Sachi!

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My comedian

Well, I will probably NEVER catch up with everything I missed. But, I figure it won’t be missed!

I intend to make a post with about 50 billion videos of her talking, just to document her adorable speech. It sounds like a lot of work, though!

For tonight, I want to share a glimpse in to the laughter having a toddler provides.

Click read more below to see my little comedian!

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How can it be June already?? My last post was 5/8!! I’m supposed to be doing better, but it’s been pretty crazy.

First was my birthday, then Mother’s Day. Most importantly, my poor Mai Mai got pretty sick! She had a 103 fever that wouldn’t break for a week. We finally got her temperature down, but then she was still very congested and felt crummy. The good news, though, is that FINALLY she has gotten better, and things are about back to normal!

Or, well, they are back to their new normal, which includes a VERY chatty toddler! I just LOVE this age so much. It seems as though every day she has new vocabulary, new grammar, and new and LONG though processes. It’s amazing! Her new words lately, that I’ve really noticed, are “with”, “you”, and “I”. I mean, she has a huge new vocabularly since last time I wrote, but those are some key words I was waiting for. You and I she still doesn’t use often, but I am pretty sure I’ve heard them. But with, she is using a lot lately, and correctly. She used to say “Me go Momma” for “I go with Momma”. Now she is saying “Me go wit Momma”.

For example, my latest favorite sample saying from Maiya!

When I put Maiya to bed, I said: “I’m going to go throw your diaper away, you lay down in bed.”
Her response: “Momma no drow mine baiper way. No go downstairs. Momma stay wit me. Silly silly Momma!”

Ah, yes, that child cracks me UP!! But she amazes me, too. It’s just such a COMPLETE thought. I guess grammatically, it’s not too impressive. But I just said I was going to throw the diaper away. She followed through with me not going downstairs, and with me staying with her. Then she adds on her classic “Silly silly”, which I just LOVE. It really shows her thought process. She really gets the idea of “silly”, and we can see exactly how she conceives silly!

And, we did her two year photo shoot at a not-local park, and the photographer was so surprised when Maiya would just light up and smile and point and sing “DAT MY FRIEND!” at every.single.person (not just kids) that walked by. She’d even run up to some of them and wave or try to hold their hands (really freaked one little girl out!) The photographer was so amazed that we knew almost every one, when she knew that we didn’t live close. I had to explain the truth!

On another brag-about-my-baby note! She was SO IMPRESSED with Maiya. She’s a professional photographer, so she works with a lot of toddlers, so I think this means a lot! But she kept asking “How old is she?” because she couldn’t believe she is two. I guess most two year olds aren’t so cooperative! She told me “She’s so cooperative, we got all the pictures we need in just 20 mins!” so we packed up, I paid her, and we started to leave. Then she decided “well, let’s try some with her sunglasses on!”, so that led to another half hour of pics. Then we were all done, she decided “well, let’s try one with a different back ground.” That led to another half hour of pics! Then she said we were all done, and we started to pack up again, and then she decided “Well, let’s try a different outfit!” We ended up taking pics for nearly 3 hours, and only stopped because Maiya got tired. And, when she got tired, she didn’t melt down or fuss or anything, she just sat down in the sand and started playing and wouldn’t look up any more, haha.

Needless to say, I am just so flattered! She kept saying how much she loved Maiya and how amazing and cooperative she is. Does a momma heart proud!! I can’t wait to see these pics. There must be 50 of them!! I don’t expect to get them until next week, though, and I CAN NOT WAIT!!! While I love getting professional pics done, because they’re way better than the ones I take, I also don’t like it, because at least mine I get to see instantly. :D Ah, well, I get the feeling these will be worth the wait. She even said she would for sure put some up on her website, because she likes them so much!! Guess we’ll see if she really does, but I’m all excited. My baby the model, hah.

Speaking of my baby the model, click “read more” below to see lots of pics and some videos!

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Maiya’s latest obsession is Old MacDonald and his farm. She sings it all the time (see my post “singing” for some video!). Of course, her version is “E I E I O, moo moo dere, moo moo dere… E I E I O!” And asks me to sing it all the time. I do, of course, and let her choose the animal- which, 98% of the time, is a cow! Even when I get tired of singing “moo moo here” and replace it with, say, a sheep, she goes “No, Momma, MOO!!”

So, today, we took her to Ardenwood Farm and their toddler time! Unfortunately for Maiya, there are no cows at Ardenwood… There were, however, sheeps, goats, chickens, turkeys and pigs that she got to pet, which was the COOLEST THING EVER for this toddler! She also got to see a peacock and horse, but didn’t get to pet them.

Click read more below to see pics of Ardenwood and my little birthday celebration!!

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