I know my sweet daughter is growing up when my posts about her change from “signing” to “singing”!!

This will be short, but gotta share!

Click “read more” below for a couple pics and videos of my little singing girl!

Our friend Kaori gave Maiya this rocking moose, which Maiya loves to rock on, but has also discovered a great new way to play: And you thought “moose tracks” was just an ice cream…

Playing chase / hide and seek at the village!

Singing “row row row your boat”. She actually is much better at it, she just didn’t want to cooperate for the camera, of course!

Singing to herself instead of napping! This is not the same as my FB post the other day when she was singing to her babies. Today, she just sang to herself. You can also (almost) see her put her feet up on the side of the crib, and then declare that she is “high up!” Sorry for the poor video, my camera had a hard time recording the monitor! But the audio is good (as long as you ignore the white noise)…

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Full-time mother and purveyor of chaos! Wife to Brian, and mother of Maiya, my life is full of adventure with a toddler at hand!
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  1. starjam25 says:

    Love that video, she’s not doing much singing, but when the camera is off, I know she’s just way to cute! And I must admit, I sort of missed the rocking mouse picture, but after careful observation, I saw what you meant. Such a smart girl to use the mouse track as a choo choo track!

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